Machine Learning Lab


Paper Titled "Translation Induction on Indian Language Corpora using Translingual Themes from Other Languages" in CICLing 2015 got Best Student Paper Award. Goutham Tholpadi, Chiranjib Bhattacharyya, Shirish Shevade
Paper Titled "Exploiting Coherence in Reviews for Discovering Latent Facets and Associated Sentiments" in SDM,2011 got Best Paper Award Himabindu Lakkaraju, Chiranjib Bhattacharyya, Indrajit Bhattacharya, Srujana Merugu
Paper Titled "Interval Data Classification under Partial Information: A Chance-Constraint Approach" in PAKDD, 2009 got Runner-Up Award. Sahely Bhadra , J. Saketha Nath , Aharon Ben-Tal and Chiranjib Bhattacharyya
KDD Cup 2006 Best Student Submission, PE Identification Task Karthik Kumara , Sourangshu Bhattacharya, Mehul Parsana, Shivramkrishnan K, Rashmin Babaria, Saketha Nath J, and Chiranjib Bhattacharyya
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